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MOTH: 1. What inspired you to become a writer?

K. V. 1. I started writing short stories at the age of seven and also did the illustrations. From that moment on I knew I wanted to become a writer. When I was 16, I was Europe’s youngest script writer for comics and my work was published in magazines. Two year later, when I was 18, I wrote my first novel and it was published immediately. The publisher owned a printing house and invited me to come and watch the printing process of my novel. It was so impressive to see all the white sheets of paper piling up. The first print of my first book was 5000 copies! Later I saw my own book in a shop window – that was another great experience. Never stopped writing…


MOTH: 2. The title of your last book?

K. V. 2. Nicolaes Nimbus.

The Search for Immortality
A group of extremely clever rich German and Dutch scientists hope to live forever. They search for different possibilities to prolong life and spend lots of money to reach their goal. Then they hear about a wizard who was supposed to have lived ages ago – Nicolas Nimbus. If Nicolaes Nimbus is still alive and has found the secret of immortality through magic; the scientists want to find him – to examine him in their labs! But they need master painter Rein Vulpes to set a trap for Nicolaes Nimbus. Then high tech science meets ancient magic…

Here a review:

Who is Nicolaes Nimbus? As the book blurb mentions, the book is a quest to find the mysterious Nicolaes Nimbus. Having read the author’s previous masterpieces, I can truly say that there would have been no one better to craft this masterpiece than Koos Verkaik. What I didn’t expect was to be scared and thrilled at the same time. The magic is unbelievable in the book. The author was truly in his full element while writing the book.

The book Nicolaes Nimbus begins with snippets of each of the eras and characters and instances and then slowly takes you through a fantastic roller coaster ride. I felt that the book presented with these beads in the beginning and towards the end, it was threaded to form a beautiful piece together. It is the magic of threading and joining these pieces that worked the magic for me. It’s like you see the puzzles fit and yet leaving you craving for more.

There is an ambiance to the book that slowly creeps around you and almost grabs you and creating one scary yet amazing journey. One of the masterstrokes of the author’s book lies in the details. Each of these details tend to jump out to make a bigger and unexpected twists and thrills to the book. He never deals with easy and simply slope which makes the reading even more adventurous and grasping

His language and narration skill has a character of its own. This can’t be explained as you have to read it to get the feel of it. It’s tricky yet simple. A fine picture of saying some of the most intense and in depth facts with simplest of words.

The language, flow and pace of the book is amazing and it’s the core theme that makes all the difference in the book. It is a very unique theme to handle and the way he has crafted a very unique tale out of it is amazing. Make sure to read it in broad daylight to save yourself from scary dreams. Believe me towards the end you will thank me for this advice. Buckle up for a joyride. (Merril Anil)


MOTH: 3. E-book – for or against?

K. V. 3. E-books are all right. We live in modern times. But the printed copies remain the best; every book lover will admit that. My publishers in the USA take good care of me and always combine it; E-books and paperbacks.


MOTH: 4. How do you deal with bad reviews?

K. V. 4. Well, to be honest… I never had a bad review so far. As far as that is concerned, I am very lucky. As a matter of fact, I am very proud of the reviews. This is, for instance, what one wrote about my novel HIM, After the UFO Crash:

Him: After the UFO Crash by Koos Verkaik is a book you’ll read and then you’ll wonder did you really read what you did. Before beginning, though you must be sure to have your seatbelt on nice and tight, then hold on because you’re about to go on one twist and turned ride of your life. Once you open the first page, it will grab and hold you tightly until you finish reading the last page. Then when you think you have just read a fantastic part, up comes another one, then there is more and more. You will be kept on the edge of your seat as you read all the action, thrills and suspense that is on each and every page. The writing is amazing. After reading Him you may (as I did), wonder can this someday be in our future. This book is a must-read for all. I gave it 5 stars but wished I could give it more because it deserves more. Koos Verkaik hit it out of the ballpark with this book. (Marjorie Springer)


MOTH: 5. Is it better to promote yourself online or in other media?

K. V. 5. Online. There is a big, big world reachable on your screen. Authors can sit down at home and promote their work. That is amazing! I live in The Netherlands, write in Dutch and then translate my work into English. My laptops make it possible for me to contact the entire globe; I have publishers in the USA and my literary agent lives in New Zealand. I have many fans in India! Everyone can buy my books via Amazon. We live in a wonderful age – everything is possible. This is a paradise for writers. Printing on demand is a great invention. Order my book and you will receive it in a couple of days – no matter where you live. Isn’t that amazing?


MOTH: 6. Which writers had the most influence on your writing style?

K. V. 6. No one particular. I collect nonfiction books and have a library of a couple of thousand books here in my workroom. I also love to read fiction; Edgar Allan Poe, Jack Vance, Roger Zelazny, Theodore Sturgeon. But I always write in my own style.

The nonfiction I have read lately are books from Yuval Noah Harari and Hoimar von Ditfurt.


MOTH: 7. What success do you expect from your work?

K. V. 7. I have been lucky. One of my series of children’s books did 450.000 copies, in The Netherlands only! I have two series of children’s books published in the USA (by Outer Banks Publishing Group in North Carolina, who also published most of my novels): Alex and The Wolpertinger and Saladin the Wonder Horse. I have written more than sixty books under my own name and even more under different pen names. Looking back, there is nothing to complain about.

I worked as a copywriter, as a scriptwriter and never stopped writing books.


MOTH: 8. What is your target audience?

K. V. 8. I write series of children’s books and novels. When I write, I never have a certain audience in mind. As a copywriter I learnt how to explain things short and to the point. All I want to do is to entertain children and adults with my writing – and it is up to the reader to read between the lines or just read the stories like they are. I have no certain messages, but on the other hand I have a lot to explain and a lot to tell.


MOTH: 9. Describe your last work in 12 words.

K. V. 9. The book that HAD to be written; High Tech vs Ancient Magic!

Twelve words exactly, and it explains it all…


MOTH: 10. Advice for future writers?

K. V. 10. It is not easy to maintain in the publishing world. You have to be tough and refuse to give up. Never imitate your favorite authors, just remain yourself and write as much as you can.


MOTH: 11. Where would you like your writing to take you as a guest?

K. V. 11. I have been in the USA at the invitation of Mr. Bill Thompson, the editor of the first books of Stephen King and John Grisham. He was such a nice man and a great help! My publishers are established in the USA. So I have to go back and do book signings and meet the readers. Hope to visit the USA as often as possible.


MOTH: 12. Holding your next book promotion?

K. V. 12. Yes, here in The Netherlands. I visit schools to read my series of children’s books and I do book signings in libraries and book shops.

And of course I have my own website: www.koosverkaik.com

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