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Linda Mustafa
Linda Mustafa

MOTH: 1. What inspired you to become a writer?

LM: 1. I studied Mass communications in school and by the time I graduated, I got a job as a reporter in one of the numerous Newspapers in Nigeria. My editor was impressed with my reports and he always complimented my writing. He would wait anxiously for me to turn in my stories and he would read through barely editing my reports. Much later he noticed that I had a flair for writing inspiring stories and so he requested that I write captivating stories every fortnightly. That was how I got inspired to become a writer.


MOTH: 2. The title of your last book?

LM: 2. The title of my recent book is What If…? but I had previously published a collection of poetry online (in Amazon) titled Fatal Desire: A Collection of Poems.


MOTH: 3. Ebook – for or against?

LM: 3. I am definitely for Ebooks: they are easily accessible and could be sold or bought anywhere in the world without the stress of snail mails.


MOTH: 4. How do you deal with bad reviews?

LM: 4. Bad reviews are generally frustrating. They could leave a writer very miserable such that they may lose confidence in themselves and their works. So I deal with bad reviews by taking a critical look at the book to write better.


MOTH: 5. Is it better to promote yourself online or in other media?

LM: 5. Online is the quickest and probably the cheapest way to promote one’s self however, other conventional channels are also necessary options.


MOTH: 6. Which writers had the most influence on your writing style?

LM: 6. Ohhh! They were quite a lot of them. African American writers are my favorites, writers like Toni Morrison and Alice Walker are works that have built my kind of writing. Most of Morrison’s novels leave readers asking questions and one would be able to see this trend in my works. Yet, African authors such as Mariama Baa, Buchi Emecheta, and Zainab Alkali are writers I borrow a leaf from. Male writers are also part of my role models in the world of writing. Male authors such as Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, and Adamu Kyuka are male authors I enjoy.


MOTH: 7. What success do you expect from your work?

LM: 7. I expect a landslide success! I look forward to a success that Exceeds my dream of just being an author.


MOTH: 8. What is your target audience?

LM: 8. The world.


MOTH: 9. Describe your last work in 12 words.

LM: 9. Engaging, stupefying, revealing, not the regular stuff, and overwhelmingly down to earth.


MOTH: 10. Advice for future writers?

LM: 10. A writer should write because he/she loves telling stories not necessarily for the money. There is no such thing as bad work. The writing style may not be well coordinated but there is definitely an idea, a message, or an unusual familiar situation that the world needs to know about…So a writer must be willing to go all the way.


MOTH: 11. Where would you like your writing to take you as a guest?

LM: 11. Around the world.


MOTH: 12. Holding your next book promotion?

LM: 12. That would be a definite yes!

Podelite sa prijateljima!


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